September 19, 2011

Wishing I had a Mentor too.....

This month we read The Student Whisper that was written by Oliver DeMille and Tiffany Earl.  I found this book to be very helpful for the stage of life I am in right now.  I have been running a book group based on Classics and TJEd books for the last 3 1/2 years.  To say that my life has been transformed during this process, would be an understatement.  But if there was one gaping whole in my education right now, it would be a formal Mentor. 

In the first half of the book, Tiffany Earl takes you back into the beginning of her life.  I could relate to her honesty and her drive to make a difference in the world.  She shares what it felt like to be mentored Oliver DeMille.  What a incredible opportunity.  As I read about Tiffany's life goals, her struggle to reach them, and the guidance that she received, I began to look at my own.  It made realize that I am on a good road.  I have experienced some stumbling blocks, but I now have the courage to keep moving forward.

The second half of the book is by Oliver DeMille.  He explains in detail, how to be come a great mentor - a Student Whisperer.  This was so insightful.  I realized that I am Student Whispering my four children all ready in my own natural style.  But I can use some fine tuning.  I believe with time, I will be able to have a Master's touch too.

Even though I might not have the privilege of being personally Mentored by someone like Oliver, I am so grateful for this book and their insights.  It has helped me on my own path and mission.

September 12, 2011

Urban Survival (Again)

Its been a few weeks since we met to discuss the book Urban Survival Guide, but I wanted to add some of my thoughts to those that Emma wrote about it. Getting prepared for possible problems can be overwhelming. It can also feel scary because it means acknowledging that bad things can happen and that we are not always in control. (Darn it!) Although scary to consider at first, being prepared brings a measure of peace about the future. Certainly, I cannot be prepared for every single possibility. But I can cover some basics. There are so many resources out there, and any one of them can help you begin to prepare. I think where the Urban Survival Guide really excels is in giving you a plan, including small steps you can take today. It is a starting point with clear explanations for what you should get and what you need. It is broken up week by week, so you can focus on one area at a time.