July 15, 2011

We The People

"It turns out that Constitutional limits and language are only guaranteed to last as long as the people are vigilantly involved.  No matter what the Constitution says, it won't endure if the people don't closely read it and demand that it be followed.  In this sense they are the fourth branch of government:  The Overseers.

When the people, for whatever reasons, stop requiring officials and experts to adhere to the Constitution, those in power alter the Constitution, redefine its precepts, and sometimes mutually agree upon a revisionist and opportunistic definition of its language.  The people are left out of the process, and their freedoms decrease."

Pg 84

July's Title Swap

One Second After - William R. Forstchen
Beyond Capitalism and Socialism - Edited by Tobias J. Lanz
Boys Adrift - Leonard Sax
The Fisherman and His Soul - Oscar Wilde
The Peacegiver - James Ferrel
A Patriot's Handbook - Selected by Caroline Kennedy (CD's)
The Great Illustrated Classics
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child - Dr. Marc Wiessbluth
Woolbur  - Leaslie Helakoski
The Declaration of Independence - Illustrated by Sam Fink
The Gettysburg Address - Illustrated by Sam Fink