August 23, 2011

Urban Survival

This month we read the book called Urban Survival Guide by David Morris.  This book was difficult emotionally to read because it makes you really think about what could happen in our society, in a very short time.  It makes you face the fact that we live in a very delicate situation that could become dangerous quickly.  For most people, thinking about urban survival is too much.  But I refuse to put my head in the sand.  I will try my best to be prepared for what every situation may come; and stay level-headed as we step into the unknown.

The following is a list of resources that we have found useful to prepare:

LDS Preparedness Manual - Christopher M. Parrett
Making the Best of Basics, Family Preparedness Handbook - James Talmage Stevens
Preparedness Principles - Barbara Salsbury
10 Essential Herbs - Lalitha Thomas
10 Essential Foods - Lalitha Thomas