October 23, 2011

Title Swap for October

Miss Peregrines' Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
The Anatomy of Peace - Arbinger Institute
Education of a Wandering Man - Louis L'Amour
Eve and the Choice Made in Eden - Beverly Campbell
Tales From Shakespeare - Mary and Charles Lamb
To the Rescue: President Monson

Genevieve's Thoughts on Macbeth

I must say that reading it as an adult after joining the church was a much different experience from reading it as a non-member teen! While I remember a lot from performing in it then, I also remember being more into scary movies and more "desensitized" than I am now that I can create my own little bubble. I didn't remember Lady M being quite so creepy and evil, just crazy. Here are a few things that I remember coming to my mind:

1.The whole "fair is foul and foul is fair" theme that frequently pops up reminds me of (paraphrased) in the last days men shall call evil good and good evil.

2.The idea that even a good man, which Macbeth started out as, can become corrupt. No one is immune to temptation.

3.The question is that "would Macbeth have become king/ tyrant/ assassinated had he not known of the prophecy? (I know this is a common question, but it still intrigues me.) If he had let events run their course without the deceptions, would he have become king and perhaps been a better ruler and for a longer period of time?

4.It is amazing the fallacies that Macbeth has throughout. While he is willing to believe and realize the prophecy of him becoming king, he continues to try and undo the other things that have been prophecied... to no avail. It's like those people who spend their lives tearing down others only to find themselves alone and unhappy, which we see a lot of in the world today. Also, that while he bids the martyrs to heaven, he rarely contemplates his own eternal fate or consequence.

Thanks! Even though I wasn't able to come, it was nice having an excuse to read Shakespeare again.